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    Developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan, Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is the most advanced level of training of any healing modality that works with the human energy field. The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is a 4-year degree program. BHS Practitioners are trained in reading the Field and responding to damaged or impacted areas with the highest level of healing response. Each person’s energy field holds information about emotional memories, health experiences, past and present behavioral patterns, and personal issues.

    energy...come again?


    You are ENERGY! Yes, you!


    Everything about you and your life are energy.

    That out-of-the-blue memory from seventh grade that popped into your mind when you were at a red light? That’s energy and it’s in your energy field. Now just think of all of the endless stored memories and emotions that you aren’t even aware of.

    Clearing old, outdated, unwanted energy blocks (red light reminders) open up space for what you ACTUALLY want to be feeling.

    It’s a lot easier to feel like yourself when you’re free from the past.

    It’s hard to experience a change in life when you keep running the same story (conscious or unconsciously).



    The sessions are fully clothed, with only the removal of shoes. We set an intention beforehand and I use light touch to channel energy into different areas of the body. Most people feel deeply relaxed and realize new insights about themselves.

    An energy healing session releases the kinks, bends and interruptions in your energy system, supporting health, wellness and a more vibrant life. Each person is on their own unique healing journey, each session is reflective and supportive of that process.


    long-distance healings

    energy knows no bounds

    Have you experienced thinking of someone and then they called? That's a perfect example of tapping into the Universal Energy Field. The same Field that we're all connected to. Sometimes we feel more connected than at other times. I'm able to do a Long-Distance session because I'm intentionally tapping into that Field that connects us to each other.

    Done over the phone, these sessions are perfect for scheduling, time zone or unforeseen conflicts (like a pandemic). 

  • Hmm, should I* try energy work?

    • Have you been experiencing different emotions without knowing the root of where they’re coming from?
    • Do you feel stuck?
    • Do you notice certain patterns playing out over and over again in your life? “Why does this keep happening to me?!”
    • Are you at a crossroads in life, or just feel the need to make a change?
    • Do you keep being in relationships that are similar to your past relationships? 

    *trick question: everyone should

    My most common (and perhaps favorite) comment after a healing is:


    "I feel like myself again."

    1 hour Healing Session- $100

    one thing I can tell you is you've got to be free

  • Massage

    each session is customized to fit your needs

    therapeutic & Intuitive massage

    It's a marriage between Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Combining medium to deep pressure, focused muscle techniques and soothing strokes, this massage aims to address your pains and leave you feeling like

    new. I'll incorporate myofascial release, trigger point therapy and other techniques that will most support what your body needs. It's deeply relaxing and highly restorative.


    60 minutes - $75

    90 minutes - $100

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