• my own design

    4 week program: breaking energetic patterns

  • 1:1 live-action calls with Kara

    6 calls total
    4 themed weeks: hyper-focused energy work done over the phone
    2 bookend program calls: 30 mins each for logistics and honoring


    week one:

    It’s less about YOUR firsthand experience and more about who you were told you were.

    This can date back generationally, but it’s also our first beliefs about ourselves that were given to us. The foundation we were created from.



    week two: Childhood...talk about a breeding ground for patterns.



    week 3:



    week 4:

    Future and creation.

  • patterns

    What is holding you back in your life? What keeps showing up in your life that you CANNOT stop from happening? Is this pattern in the form of a personality-type you're attracting? A feeling of unworthiness?


    The same event, theme or behavior that keeps happening creates an energetic pattern. If it feels like it's inevitable, it's because your energy is wired to recreate that experience again (like a blueprint).


    Beliefs are tricky. They're created before AND after an experience. Bonkers, right?!

    Example: "I always date unavailable men"

    This belief could have been built based on your dating history OR from your initial attraction to the unavailable person (like fulfilling a prophecy). Beliefs can be created from one throw-away comment or from a lifetime of reinforced moments. Either way, they aren't concrete truth. Beliefs are energy and energy can be transformed.


    4 weeks of hyper-focused energy work involving all the ways that your life has reinforced and played out that pattern based on your experiences and beliefs. Each week's theme we will be setting intentions specific to identifying and clearing energetic memories that still reside within you. I'll use my highly trained energy work skills and empathic abilities to identify and clear anything that keeps this pattern alive. This is an active participation in your own healing. Together, we'll always hold a higher vision for how you want to feel. I got your back!


    • Freedom: how would you feel to live without that pattern in your life? You'll find out!
    • Clarity: understanding how you were wired and how you can be re-wired 
    • Greater sense of awareness: life isn't happening to you anymore
    • Embodying more of the person you actually want to be 
    • Ability to create the life you want from a new template #freshstart #newpersonwhodis
  • pattern: a repeated design

    it's time for my own design. 

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    program starting October 2021

  • week 1: pre-birth

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    week 2: your past

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    week 3: your present

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    week 4: your future

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