• Self-Guided Course

    Radical instincts

  • sound familiar?


    I'm not sure if my trauma is misleading me or my gut instinct is guiding me




    I'm swayed (sometimes easily) by outside opinions of what's right for me


    i find myself making decisions that aren't in alignment with how I want to live my life


    I don't have a strong sense of yes-or-no clarity when needing an answer for myself


    I don't trust that what i hear are my instincts talking

  • you're not alone

    you're experiencing this problem because...

    old experiences are clouding your judgment

    trauma responses are still activated within you

    you don't know what cues your instincts give you

    you don't have enough proof of your instincts working

  • trusting yourself = hearing your instincts


    imagine what it would feel like to trust yourself completely...


    imagine how your life would change...


    A self-guided course (taught by yours truly!) that includes:

    •  25 video modules

    • Journal prompts, questions, affirmations, and reflections after each video

    • Energy healing, forgiveness, and awareness exercises to identify and clear old emotions that are clouding your instincts

    • Lifetime access to this course! Growth is an ongoing journey and this is here to support you along the way as you uncover more parts of yourself

    Radical Instincts is designed with your highest capability in mind and I give you the tools and supportive techniques that you can utilize in your daily life. But in case you need some extra support...

  • BONUS!

    One month after you complete the course (integration time!), we'll have a 30-minute phone call to discuss:

    • Your unique experience and how your life has shifted

    • Any lingering questions so we can identify supportive strategies that will help you move forward

    Energetic Bonus!

    • I'll provide insight and feedback if your energy isn't in alignment with your instincts

  • what you'll learn & uncover

    energy techniques to clear self-limiting beliefs, memories and emotions

    the unique way your instincts (and the universe) speak to you

    how people throughout your life have impacted your ability to hear yourself

    when you're acting from: trauma, self-sabotage, or instinct

    a stronger sense of trust, empowerment, and awareness in knowing when something feels right or wrong

    clarity on seeing when and how you give away your power...and how to get it back!

  • the longest relationship in your life is with yourself.


    there's no better time to finally hear what you have to say.



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