• Radically YOU

    1:1 transformational coaching


    the problem:

    What does your romantic life, career, health, finances and happiness all have in common?




    If you're unhappy, you're not feeling like yourself. Rediscovering who you REALLY are is the only way to truly feel better.


    sound familiar?

    *Have you stopped following your gut instinct?

    *Do you keep selling yourself short?

    *Are old habits impossible to kick?

    *Is everyone else's opinion more important than your own?

    *Is feeling "lost" your current location?

    *Are you always helping everyone else before yourself?

    *Do you have a vision for yourself that feels TOO big? (It's not)

    *Do you know that life can be better, but not sure how to get there?


    the solution:

    -2 one-hour phone/Skype/in person sessions per month, a total of 8 sessions
    -Uncover limiting beliefs and old mindsets keeping you stuck

    -Identify which areas of life are imbalanced and realistic strategies to put in place

    -Personally designed to support your needs and greatest potential

    -Email support, encouragement and accountability between sessions

    *BONUS* Energy Healing Session included! This session will help to amp up your sense of self, clarity and inner wisdom 


    let's work together:

    Save & Pay-in-Full


    $760 Pay-in-Full OR Two Payments of $390


    Start with a...

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    life improves when you become yourself

  • Client Love

    "Guys, if you're wondering if you should go to Kara, just go. It was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made! Super helpful and supportive. Felt like I was in a safe zone there. Also, that energy healing though 👌🏼👌🏼 I felt like I was walking on clouds!!

    I cannot find the words to even describe my time with Kara. All I know is that she came into my life right when I needed!"

    -Krishna p.

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