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empowerment and energy and inner beasts, Oh my!

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"Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world." - Wayne Dyer

What does empowerment look like to you? I first got a Rosie the Riveter t-shirt from a museum in Washington D.C. when I was twelve years old. I loved her immediately. Without paying much attention to her backstory, I recognized her strength of defying the odds. Being stronger because she was a woman. Wearing her t-shirt was my equivalent of the Superman emblem. I wore my shirt proudly and felt stronger because of her image.

Being raised by a single mom, I had the daily example of how women can do more. More than what's expected, required or even thought possible. On countless occasions, my mom and I would utter in exchange, "I am woman, hear me roar!" Especially when doing more intensive house projects and yard work. The idea of making multiple trips to carry in 20 bags of groceries is still unimaginable.

I was never raised with the belief that I was limited in any way because I was a woman. Now, over the years I've experienced those situations, but I never bought into that bullshit. How could I? I am woman!

At the time, my Rosie love felt like doing a job that any man could do. Doing push-ups on my knuckles since none of the boys in karate class could? Consider it done. Hell, I even wanted to be a gas station attendant when I was younger because I never saw a female work as one. Looking back though, it was always about doing something different that would defy the odds for others and for myself. Man was just the barometer of which I was measuring my own capability. My sense of empowerment was because of my own strength and deep belief that I could.

Everything starts with belief. Overcoming your inner self will always be the greatest beast to tackle. The outside circumstances can without a doubt challenge, fuel and even break your heart, but if you have a fire burning inside (even a flicker of a flame), nothing can squelch that. You're stronger, more insightful and more capable than you even realize. You have a right to want hope and change for yourself and others. Hope isn't a pipe-dream or being unrealistic, it's a genuine expression of wanting a situation or circumstance to be different. Change is born out of desire, and what is desire other than hope? The inner beast wins when it can't see beyond a situation. When it thinks that "things will never change." Don't feed the beast. Do everything in your power to turn down the noise.

We must start with our inner beast. If 99 people are stewing in anger and 1 person is feeling blissful, what's the collective energy? Anger. (If the SAT had phrased questions like that, my Math scores would've been much higher. Sorry again, Mom!) Since we're tapping into the collective energy, what's your contribution? If the overall feel of this period of time in our country is permeated with fear and trauma, what's your response? Are unspoken traumas coming to the surface for you? How is your own world being impacted? Do you feel powerless or depressed? Are you turning inward or outward?

Just like walking into a kitchen after a couple was savagely fighting about the proper way to load a dishwasher, the remnants of hostile energy is still present. You can feel the tension! How you respond in that moment will contribute to the energy in the room. Here are the options:

1. You burn the kitchen to the ground.

2. You ease the tension with your charm and wit.

3. You slowly back away and pretend it never happened.

Which is the right one? Every person responds from their own lifetime of experiences of self-preservation. What's the fastest way for you to feel safe? We long for safety and equilibrium. When something is so far imbalanced, the reactions are that much stronger.

Staying in fear and anger only breeds more of the same. Start with yourself. Always. On a small scale, how are you supporting your own well-being? It's your right to heal. If you're so far in fear that you can't imagine peace, don't aim for peace. Work your way up the emotional ladder. Reach for the highest emotion you can, even if a step above fear is resentment. Start climbing that ladder. The higher we climb as individuals the more we raise the collective energy. You always have control over your energy, and no person, place or thing can dictate that for you. Being the one person who is feeling blissful has a greater impact than is ever believed. My hope is that everyone can tap into their inner-Rosie, in however that looks. "WE CAN DO IT" (just start with YOU).



meet the author: Kara Laudenslager

Hello, I'm Kara! I'm an Energy Healing Practitioner, Transformational Coach and unapologetic tree hugger. I believe that getting to know ourselves is our greatest gift and responsibility in this life. Create the life you want by first knowing who is doing the creating.

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