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The Collective Energy during Pandemic

What are you bringing to the party?

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"We're here to awaken from the illusion of separateness." -Ram Dass

Where to begin? This is an interesting time happening in our world right now. Our outer world is showing us: panic, unease, disease, confusion and uncertainty. It makes sense that you'd be experiencing these same emotions in your inner world. If you're feeling anxious, isolated or fearful, you don't have to look far to guess why. You're not alone in these feelings and here's why: the Collective Energy (the energy that each person shows up as) is experiencing similar emotions. Regardless if you're standing 6 feet apart or not, energy knows no distance. Social distancing cannot keep energy separate. That's where our power lies with being connected as One.

What I'm about to say is of crucial importance right now, are you ready? We are all responsible for contributing to the Collective Energy. Especially in a state of fear and panic, we have to be mindful of what we're bringing forward. If everyone shows up to a potluck with hummus and pita, you have a hummus and pita party (man, that's actually my ideal party). If everyone is feeling terrified beyond belief, you have a terrified world. If everyone decides to embody the energy of calm or safety, a ripple effect happens. This is how energy works! If panic can spread like wildfire, imagine if we spread an emotion that everyone desperately needs right now. Here are my practical strategies for helping right now:
1. Decrease the amount of time you're on social media or watching the news. This isn't about becoming ill-informed for denying what's happening, this is for your own sanity. When we read and see and hear chaos, we feel it whether consciously or not. Energy takeover has occurred, welcome back, anxiety. Anxiety does not improve your immune system.
2. Emotions are energy. What is the highest form of emotion you can feel? Place your focus on things that help you to feel stable, safe and dare I say...happy? This could look like getting in the sunshine, watching a comedy, listening to music that immediately elevates your mood, meditating, whatever small thing that helps you to feel at ease. I always feel especially safe when everything in my home is in order. Decluttering is another option right now, especially being housebound. You get the bonus of a clean space AND feeling like you have control over an outcome, another crucial feeling needed at the moment.
3. When the world feels scary, bring your focus back to something small. Hey look, a tree! Hey look, daffodils are starting to bloom! Hey look, that man resembles a garden gnome (#nojudgement)! Shift your focus as much as possible. Nothing throws your attention outside of an emotion like something that's in your line of vision. (Again, emotions are energy...have I mentioned that?!) This act shifts your energy to being absorbed in a new moment, one of awe or beauty no matter how brief. Don't underestimate the power of these moments on your health (mental or otherwise).
4. If you need extra support, I'm here, always. My energy healing sessions can also be done long-distance, which means you don't have to leave home. Remember when I mentioned the Collective Energy? That's how I'm able to connect to you. We talk on the phone and I'm able to tap into how you're feeling (your energy) and help to shift your energy to a freer state, a state that is most supportive to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Feel free to ask me questions (this is always my favorite topic of conversation!).

Our world needs YOUR energy, the highest form of emotion you can feel because that's always in our control. Nobody can dictate, decide or control how you want to think and feel. Just try and stop us. We are powerful beyond measure.



P.S. Formal invitations for the hummus and pita party will be going out shortly.

meet the author: Kara Laudenslager

Hello, I'm Kara! I'm an Energy Healing Practitioner, Transformational Coach and unapologetic tree hugger. I believe that getting to know ourselves is our greatest gift and responsibility in this life. Create the life you want by first knowing who is doing the creating.

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